Have you dreamed of leading a full room of engaged clients to seek their fullest physical potential?


With my time tested, thoughtful approach to designing fitness classes, we can make that happen together...



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Evidenced Based Practices

My time tested approach blends the latest advancements with proven techniques to offer you a comprehensive + modern fitness education.

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 Learn from Me


With my evidence based practices, you'll acquire the skills + expertise needed to guide clients toward a healthier way of life and a passion for fitness.

Find your Authenticity

Our training leads you through a journey of self discovery to finally becoming aligned with your truest self and what you were meant to do.

When you are your most authentic, you create the largest impact.



Learn How to Playlist

From choosing songs, to intentionally placing them, creating choreography, we have you covered.



Design a 'Can't Miss Class'

Cultivating an experience is more than choosing random movements. Discover how to create an effortless flow of movement that clients begin to crave.



Nice to meet you!

Hi! I’m Kim, a lifetime learner with a love for instructing + 2 decades of experience! Although I am most at home in front of an audience, I have a deep seated passion for working with those wanting to break into the fitness industry by showing them the way.

Witnessing someone's soul come alive with music + movement while they develop the skills to create it for others, is truly magical.



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Unlimited access to my training program resources? Yes, it’s the fastest way to receive the full blueprint to becoming a successful fitness professional!


Paid in Full


  • Access to online resources in regards to equipment set up + use; including learning checks along the way!
  • Body Mechanics
  • Playlisting (+ my most favorite playlists!)
  • Guide on the 3 layers of Cueing
  • How to create an alter ego
  • Speaking authentically on a mic
  • Choreography combos and how to scale up
  • Nutrition when instructing
  • Selecting a place of employment

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