Frequently Asked Questions

Ok, so you're thinking you're ready to commit but have some questions...


Q: How long is the training?
A: As long as out make it!  It's self paced, so you could complete it all in a weekend or a module per week. You have access to the platform for 200 days, so you'll want to complete it prior to the expiration.


Q: Will I really be able to teach a class afterwards?
A: Well that's our goal!  We'll provide you with all the tools to put a class together and execute it.  However, studios differ on methods so you'll probably need to adjust what you've learned.  We're giving you a proven successful base to begin and you'll need to develop your skills from there.


Q: I do best with in person learning.  Is there an option for that?
A: We understand! If you are within proximity to Fayetteville, AR, there is an option to purchase in person sessions!  This allows us to see you on the bike and give immediate feedback to help you improve rapidly.
We will have a live monthly call where we can discuss any questions participants may have.  This might be a great option too!


Q: Can I split the payments to more than 4?
A: Unfortunately, we only offer the paid in full option or the 4 monthly installments.


Q: I'm ready to go all in and want to learn it all!  Is there a discount on doing all 3 programs?
A:¬†Yes! ¬†We have the option to purchase all 3 for the discounted rate of $1999 {almost $400 off!} get a few bonuses with it too¬†ūüėȬ†