Who's Behind Kim Evans Health...

Hey, it's me!

As a wellness guru in Northwest Arkansas, I've been all about fostering healthy bodies for over  20 years now. Starting as a Pilates instructor, I got hooked on all things holistic health and dived deep into researching food and its impact on our well-being. I'm all about that perfect combo of nutrition, fitness, and personal growth, which is the alchemy of body + soul.
I am the founder and owner of SpoonMoon, a forward thinking, intuitive based fitness and wellness studio. We have everything from high-energy workouts to meditation, catering to all sorts of fitness levels. Oh, and and I'm super into supporting local businesses because my husband + I own a pasture-raised poultry company as well.
After having my third child, I faced some hormone craziness (a common struggle for many moms). But I took charge of my health, changed up my workouts, and embraced some cool eastern therapies. I'm all about herbal medicine, essential oils, and homeopathy too, which played a big role in getting my hormone levels back to normal. Yay!
I'm not just a fitness professional, though – I'm all about building a tight-knit community to support each other. It’s all about lifting each other up and having each other’s backs. My husband and I are busy parents of three kids, two adorable dogs, + a cat when we’re not hustling for good health. I'm all about listening, connecting, and making sure everyone feels like they belong-- especially in the most uncomfortable situations.
So, if you’re in Northwest Arkansas and looking for some top-notch wellness and fitness vibes, you know where to head – SpoonMoon with me and my magical crew! 🌟