What Our Previous Participants Have Said...

"I signed up for this training wanting to challenge myself and try something new. Fitness will always be apart of my life and I eventually want to pursue it as a career whether that starts soon or in a couple years. Cycling was a type of fitness that I had never done before prior to this training and helped me learn that becoming an instructor is not just an idea anymore, it's something way more than that and feels like it was something that I was meant to do. I have always been the leader whether that's at work or playing a sport, and knew I wanted to continue to be a leader in someway as a career. The biggest realization that I've learned throughout this process is the love for being that "motivation" for people and being that last bit of energy clients need to finish a hard workout. The connections I have made and the things I have learned about myself in these past 4 weeks is something I will never forget. I will strive to continue pursuing my passion into a career, and want to soak in all the information I can get from now on from experienced instructors so that one day I can end up like them. This training truly gave me the confidence that I needed in order to put myself out there and learn how to be honest and open for myself. Thank you Kim and Carol for giving me and all of the other girls this opportunity! Truly this is something I'll never forget and can't thank you enough!"

-Olivia L.

"I had so fun during this training! I feel so honored that I got to learn from such great instructors! I truly did not realize how much I would learn about teaching, cycling, and about myself during this month. It brought so many mental, physical, and emotional challenges which have made me so much stronger than a month ago when we started. Kim and Carol made me feel as if I am truly capable of being where they are one day, and that I can bring a unique experience to a podium. My favorite part of the training was developing my own style and voice, such as my very Indy music choices. It was super cool to play around with different genres of music and create playlists. I also really enjoyed getting to see all of the other trainees develop into their own style of teaching. One of the biggest things I will take from this training is how much dedication, time, and passion instructors put into their classes. I did not realize how much effort went into instructing, and I appreciate and am so much more thankful for everything they do after going through this. Although this month has come to an end, I am hopeful to keep moving forward and continue with my own instructing journey!"
-Rachel P.
"A dream of mine forever has to become a cycle instructor. When I saw this opportunity I knew I had to take it. Kim and Carol did a great job of getting down to the fine details of what you need to know in becoming an instructor and being successful in your future Career! Would highly recommend to anyone and everyone!"
-Emma B.


"I did this training to improve my strength on the bike and leave more confident in my physical ability, and I can confidently say that I achieved both! They gave us all so much time, care, and attention, that I was able to leave a much better rider than I could have imagined. It was obvious that they wanted us to achieve and truly cared about our development as riders and someday instructors!"
-Elise B.


"I thought this program and training was very well organized and worth the time! No matter if you are a very experienced rider or just want to improve your cycling skills and or just love to lead people, I thought this training was so fitting for everyone's different expectations and goals which was so comforting when going through. Not only did I get better at riding, I feel like I came out of a shell I had about public speaking and really pushed myself out of my comfort zone which felt really good to do and accomplish! I loved getting to know everyone and share this experience with different woman who all have the same passion!"
-Kara B.
"If you've ever taken a spin class and thought, "hmm, I think I could do that," when you observed the instructor, this is THE course to prepare you for just that. Kim has built a robust 4-week program that will completely prepare you for teaching spin with confidence. She covers everything from bike setup, proper riding form, playlisting, mic skills and even provides real-time feedback after you demo teach to help you improve your skillset. Not only did I come out the other end of the program as a stronger rider, but now I have the skills and confidence to go teach spin at any location."
-Kate G.

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