Consider It the Encore

fitness Oct 22, 2023

Cool down = our show's encore 🎭

Are you one that likes to dip out as the instructor is wrapping up the class?  Never stay for the unimportant stretch that feels like a waste of time?  Well, we see you and are to share why that component of the class is more important than you even realize!

Let’s begin with the obvious…stretching out the muscles that were just incredibly active will help:

  • decrease soreness 
  • move stagnant blood through the muscle tissue quicker
  • range of motion will remains fluid
  • better posture 

You may already know the above reasons to stretch + still those can’t keep you in the room to finish the class.  However, there’s a lot more happening than meets the eye in a consciously designed fitness experience.  

Our staff (although other studios apply as well) is intentionally selecting moves and music to align with just the energy they want to create in the room all the way to the cool down.  You have gone on a 45 minute journey with your fellow class mates and choose to cut it short by just 3 mins! Those last 3 minutes at times feel like a waste of time, but the purpose is to realign your energy, bring it back into your body from sharing with others, and center prior to walking back out into the world.  It can be the most important moment in the class that is just for YOU + your success in the rest of your day!

We totally get it-- "stretching takes time, and I don't have time to waste." Who does, right?!  Think of stretching as an investment in your future. Spending just those 3-5 minutes after your active workout can not only save you from being sidelined with an injury, but can prepare your mindset for future obstacles in your day.  

So, the next time you pop into a class with us, don't skip that FINAL Re-ALIGNMENT. Your body will thank you, your mind will thank you, and who knows, maybe you'll even make a new friend as you walk out because you both stayed for the “show’s” encore.

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