Full Moon, Full Drama?

moon spiritual Oct 28, 2023

Full moon time often involves chaos, but does it really?

It is an understatement to say that the full moon gets a bad rep.  That uncomfortable cosmic pull that morphs children into lunatics, makes planned days go sideways, or induces sleeplessness.

According to the Roman philosopher, Pliny, the full moon caused more dew to form which led to moisture on the brain, therefore madness.   I’m not sure that I buy Pliny’s theory, but I do stand behind the definition of lunatic.  A lunatic is defined as “one who hath lucid intervals, sometimes enjoying his senses and sometimes not and that frequently depending upon the changes in the moon” – British judge from 1700.  

Most scientists that have written on the correlation between full moons and drama will say that there is absolutely no evidence.  But what they have found is that when people have bizarre behavior occur over a full moon, they are more apt to tell people about it and the telephone game ensues.  More folks become aware of strange behavior and attribute it to the full moon when in all reality it would have happened regardless.  We, as humans, love patterns and the full moon provides a great excuse for disjointed, patterned actions.    

Let’s just take into account a few happenings that are said to be affected by the full moon:

  • Menstrual cycles
  • Sea turtles lay eggs 
  • Babies are born
  • Birds communicate differently 
  • Surgical recovery times
  • Predators are less active

Now, I chose to tell you all the benefits the full moon may bring because staying positive is always better than focusing on the negative, right?

When I witness lunatical full moon behavior I notice I am more tolerant of it than other times of the month.  I’ve learned to lower my expectations and expect a bit of chaos.

How about you?  Have you noticed you’re affected by the full moon?

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