What's Your Superpower?

Dec 22, 2023

I listen to a podcast in which the host concludes each interview by asking the guest “what is your super power?”  The answers have varied from insightful to very basic.  This made me ask this same question of myself.  Hmmm, what is my super power?

As a mom, I have lots of super powers.  Caregivers must have an arsenal of weapons to combat any circumstance at any moment.  Nothing special there because all primary caregivers carry this power.

As the CEO of our home, I can conquer no less than 15 tasks in any given hour to make our home run smoothly.  Laundry, groceries, cleaning, cooking, fixing, to just name a few.  But again, this is what’s required of all that run a household.

As a business owner, I combine my mom tools and household tools to serve SpoonMoon each day.  I didn’t quite understand how my years of experience as a mom and homemaker would actually apply to business, but it made me stronger in many avenues.  The inverse of this is equally as strong when I use my business skill-z in my family life.  All great, but I’m still just doing what’s needed to stay afloat and make it.  

My strengths all seemed so vanilla. But then I had it…my REAL super power is connection.  I have an ability to connect with just about any person.  Verbal and nonverbal relationships are cultivating around me constantly and it’s where I thrive.  Reciprocity is key and brings us all together.  We are drawn into each other’s lives to offer advice, an ear, or actively assist.  Count me in on any and all.  I revel in sharing space with most.  In addition, I can learn how to sharpen all the aforementioned abilities in a single conversation with others.  

Now, what’s your super power…and can we connect over it? Um, yes always ☺

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